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Beverly Hills mayor seeks re‐election

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Article from the Beverly Press, by Aaron Blevins

Beverly Hills Mayor Robert Wunderlich is running for re‐election in the June 7 primary, and he hopes to continue the progress he made during his first term on the Beverly Hills City Council.

Wunderlich joins Councilmen Lester Friedman and John Mirisch, as well as Beverly Hills Planning Commission chair Andy Licht and Beverly Hills Public Works Commissioner Sharona Nazarian, in vying for three open seats.

However, the nomination filing period for the primary does not begin until Feb. 14, so more candidates could enter the race.

Wunderlich said he wants to maintain the “sophisticated village feel” of Beverly Hills while positioning the city for the future. He also hopes to continue being transparent in his decision‐making.

“We are beginning to embark on this campaign season, and so I’ve thought through my first term, and I’m proud that I’ve [remained transparent],” Wunderlich said.

“On the City Council, you have to make a lot of decisions, and your decisions are public ones. And I know that people don’t always agree with me, but I really do think that I have tried to keep true to what I said [during my first campaign], which is to make my decisions based on the facts and to be able to explain to people why I made the decision that I did make.”

To read more, visit the Beverly Press by clicking here.

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Mark Aaron
Mark Aaron
May 04, 2022

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