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Bob Wunderlich was first elected to the Beverly Hills City Council in 2017, where he currently serves as a Councilmember. Bob is the immediate past Mayor of Beverly Hills. Dr. Wunderlich is a scientist and economist by trade. Bob’s background has made him exceptionally well-suited to serve as a Member of the City Council. Under his leadership as Mayor and service as a City Councilmember, Beverly Hills succeeded in maintaining an exceptional residential quality of life and promoting a vibrant commercial sector. Bob lives in the southwest portion of Beverly Hills with his wife Andrea and their dog Luna and cats Tigre and Truman. Their adult children are graduates of Beverly Vista and Beverly Hills High School.

"I want to preserve what we love about Beverly Hills, while positioning it for the future."
- Bob Wunderlich

My Vision for Beverly Hills

I see a safe, sustainable City with an exceptional residential quality of life.  I see a city in which, building on our advantages, we maintain a strong commercial base, supported by the appeal of our world class hotels, shopping and restaurants.  I see distinctive small businesses supporting the needs of our residents.  I see quiet residential neighborhoods, providing a high quality of life and attracting cross-generational residents.  I see our continued commercial vibrancy providing the resources that enable the high quality of our police, fire, and other city services.  I see us as the sophisticated, sustainable village, with the flavor of some of the great European cities, with a vibrant street life, a walkable city core, and peaceful residential neighborhoods.  I see us achieving this by positioning Beverly Hills for the future while preserving what we love about the past.

How do we achieve this vision?  Here are my guiding principles.

Ensure public safety and services

  • Safety is critical for our residents, businesses, and visitors.

  • I, with the unanimous City Council, have increased police funding, added officers and private security, and installed thousands of video cameras and other technology. 

  • I pledge to keep safety the priority going forward.

Preserve attractive residential neighborhoods

  • The ultimate purpose of all that we do on City Council is to provide for our residents.

  • Development must be evaluated in terms of its fit and respect for our neighborhoods.  

  • My vision encompasses quiet, safe neighborhoods, support for our schools, and a walkable/bikeable village.

  • I am proud of my track record of protecting neighborhoods and look forward to advancing my vision.

Foster sustainability: economic, community, and environmental

  • Beverly Hills must be a sustainable city to be successful into the future.

  • A vibrant commercial sector, one that fits the character of Beverly Hills, combined with financial prudency provides the resources for our superior safety and services.  

  • Cross-generational appeal and a sophisticated village feel keep Beverly Hills attractive for residents, visitors, and businesses.

  • Reducing our climate change footprint, meeting resource needs through reliability and conservation, and promoting a healthy city must be integral to our decision-making.  

  • I have championed these issues and will continue to do so.

Promote transparency and participation in government

  • The public has the right to know and to make its voice heard. 

  • We continuously improve by being open and identifying where we can do better.

  • I have been and will continue to be instrumental in encouraging openness in government.

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