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“Over the course of the campaign, Bob proved himself to be the star of the five challengers.  An extremely intelligent engineer, reasonable and not tied to any specific interest group, Wunderlich would make a fine Councilmember.”  “If he does [win], we know Bob will do a great job.”

Beverly Hills Courier

“Wunderlich is a brilliant man, a longtime economist and more recently has been serving as Director of the Metropolitan Water District representing Beverly Hills.  He holds degrees from Columbia, Harvard and UCLA.”  “There is no denying that Wunderlich would bring a fresh perspective to the City Council, and it wouldn’t surprise our Editorial Board in the least to see that Wunderlich, if elected, is a fine City Councilmember who makes smart, informed decisions.”

"Bob Wunderlich is the candidate we all hope for - he's a resident first - he's a businessman and a scientist.  He has represented our city for almost 10 years on the Board of the MWD, so he's also an expert on the essential topic of water.  Bob is not a part of any clique or beholden to any special interest group.  He's a bright guy and a good guy and I'm voting for him for City Council."

– Kathy Reims, Beverly Hills City Councilmember

“Bob’s financial expertise, business acumen and stellar credentials are critical to ensure fiscal responsibility and accountability for our City.  I enthusiastically support Bob’s election to City Council.”

– Barry Brucker, Former Beverly Hills Mayor, City Councilmember, and BHUSD Board Member

“I know Bob to be a reasoned and thoughtful decision maker.  He will be a valuable partner on Beverly Hills City Council as we address the many regional issues facing Southern California.  Beverly Hills would be fortunate to have him serve on City Council.”

– Mike Feuer, City Attorney, City of Los Angeles

“As a long-time friend and neighbor, I know Bob is an independent thinker who will help ensure our residential quality of life.  Bob will be a champion on City Council to promote openness in government and preserve the character of our City.”

- Alissa Roston, Beverly Hills Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Former BHUSD Board Member

“Bob has been instrumental in developing a reliable water supply in Beverly Hills.  He has the right skill set to advance Beverly Hills as a financially and environmentally sustainable city.  I welcome his election to City Council.”

– Jeff Wolfe, Chair, Beverly Hills Public Works Commission

 “Bob has worked diligently on behalf of Beverly Hills for 10 years as the City’s representative at Metropolitan Water District.  He is a reasoned decision maker who values open and inclusive government.  I am confident that he will fully devote himself to preserving the character and quality of life of our City and making Beverly Hills even better while on City Council."

– Noah Furie, Vice Chair, Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission

“Bob will respect and listen to the views of all members of our community in reaching his decisions.  He has been an outspoken public advocate for ensuring renters’ protections while providing that building owners have the incentive to maintain and enhance the building stock in Beverly Hills.  He is a forward-looking thinker who will promote the interests of the next generation of Beverly Hills residents.”

– Ori Blumenfeld, Beverly Hills Human Relations Commissioner

“Beverly Hills needs experienced, balanced, evidence-based leaders like Bob Wunderlich. He has served the city well for over 10 years as its Metropolitan Water District representative and has served his clients well for over two decades as a business consultant. Bob is sharp, approachable, reasonable, and determined to make a major positive impact for the Beverly Hills community. I’m voting for Bob Wunderlich because our city needs leaders like him!”

– Jon Gluck, Beverly Hills Community Leader

Barry Brucker                       Former Beverly Hills Mayor
Tom Levyn                            Former Beverly Hills Mayor
Kathy Reims                         Beverly  Hills City Councilmember
Alissa Roston                       Beverly Hills Recreation & Parks Commissioner
Jeff Wolfe                              Chair, Beverly Hills Public Works Commission
Sandra Aronberg                 Beverly Hills Public Works Commissioner
Jerry Felsenthal                    Beverly Hills Public Works Commissioner
Barry Pressman                   Beverly Hills Public Works Commissioner
Ron Shalowitz                      Beverly Hills Public Works Commissioner
Farshid Joe Shooshani        Chair, Beverly Hills Planning Commission
Alan Block                             Beverly Hills Planning Commissioner
Howard Fisher                     Beverly Hills Planning Commissioner
Andy Licht                             Beverly Hills Planning Commissioner
Ori Blumenfeld                    Beverly Hills Human Relations Commissioner
Myra Demeter                     Beverly Hills Health and Safety Commissioner
Myra Lurie                            Beverly Hills Health and Safety Commissioner
Nooshin Meshkaty              Beverly Hills Traffic & Parking Commissioner
Sharon Persovski                Beverly Hills Architectural Commission
Lorraine Eastman               BHUSD PTA Council Executive Vice President
AJ Wilmer                              Beverly Hills Smart City/Technology Committee
Scott Edelman                      Attorney, Regional President AJC LA
David Nahai                          Attorney, Consultant, and Environmental Advocate
Woodrow Clark                   Municipal League Board Member
Steven Weinglass                Municipal League Board Member
Mark Elliot                            Community Advocate
Susan Mischler                    Community Advocate
Ramen Zar                            Community Advocate
Jon Gluck                              Community Advocate
Mike Feuer                           City Attorney, City of Los Angeles
Laura Friedman                   Assemblymember, State of California

West Hollywood-Beverly Hills Democratic Club
Beverly Hills North Homeowners Association

Partial List of Endorsements